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5 Easy Steps to Remove Moss

by Adam van den Brink

Unsure how to treat an area of your house which is affected by the growth of moss? Check out our easy 5 step guide to kill moss and get your home looking great again.

Our Moss & Algae Inhibitor and Remover products are proven to be one of the best moss killers to treat growth on your roof, driveway, path, patio and any other hard surface areas of your home that is affected.

Tip: Before you consider removing the moss from the affected area, check the weather forecast and ensure there is no rain expected in the next 5-6 hours. Dry spell ahead? Then great, let’s go!

You will need the following:

- Garden brush

- Moss & Algae Remover or Inhibitor

- Low pressure garden sprayer or watering can

- Stiff bristle brush or a high pressure sprayer

Step 1

If your moss growth is heavy, brush off any excess moss to ensure the moss stem is exposed. This will ensure the moss removal is more effective.

Step 2

You will need to prepare your Moss & Algae Inhibitor or Remover to get as much use as possible by diluting it. Dilute the product into one of the following:

- Low Pressure Garden Sprayer (available here: https://buymossterminator.co.uk/sprayers/)

- Watering Can

Moss Removal

Dilution ratios:

If you are using our product to treat an area of ground with a standard amount of moss growth, then dilute your Moss & Algae Remover with a ratio of 1:4 (Moss & Algae Remover:Water).

If you are treating an area of ground with a light amount of moss growth, you will be able to dilute the Moss & Algae Remover with a ratio of up to 1:9 (Moss & Algae Remover:Water).

Step 3

You’re ready to start. Each litre of the diluted solution you have made up will cover an area approximately 3 – 3.5m2. Begin spraying or sprinkling (depending on what appliance you are using) the formula over the affected area to start getting rid of moss.

Step 4

Once you’ve finished applying the product to the affected area, leave it to dry for 48-72 hours and let our product get to work. Restrict child and pet access to the area whilst the area is wet!

Step 5

The moss will begin to turn brown and dry out. Once it has become dry and brittle, grab a stiff bristle brush or a pressure sprayer and start removing the moss. Sweep up the moss, toss it in the gardening recycling bin and you are done! Leaving your house looking as good as new.

Check out our variety of Moss & Algae Inhibitors here: https://buymossterminator.co.uk/moss-inhibitor/


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