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Low Pressure Pump Sprayer - 12 Litre


A versatile knapsack sprayer with 12 litres usable capacity that is ideal for use over long periods of time, or for large surface areas. Easy to setup and suitable for amateur and professional users. 

This low pressure pump sprayer comes with a pump lever that can be fitted to either side of the tank for ambidextrous use and includes a pressure regulator so you can evenly cover the treated area and increase application on stubborn areas. 

Supplied with:

  • Fiberglass spray lance fitted with an adjustable nozzle
  • Pressure regulator, which can be set at 1.5 bar, 3 bar and maximum
  • Fan Nozzle
  • 2 protective masks
  • Dosage measuring jar
  • 2 replacement piston washers
  • Strong, adjustable and non corrosive straps
  • Lever lance clamp for easy transportation