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What Does Moss Terminator Treat?

Moss Terminator is highly effective at treating moss, algae, mildew and a number of infestations throughout your garden, on your roof, on tennis courts and any other exterior hard surface.  

How large an area will Moss Terminator treat?

Our recommended dilution rate is 1:4 (Moss Terminator: Water), which will cover roughly 17m² per 1 litre. Adjust the dilution and application density according to your own circumstances. 

If you are unsure how to calculate your surface area, call us on 0800 368 8535!

What is the difference between our Remover & Inhibitor products?

Moss Terminator Remover & Inhibitor do the same job and are similar solutions, the key difference is that Moss Terminator Inhibitor has additional stabilisers in it to extend it longevity and effectiveness. 

We recommend purchasing both; Remover for your initial application (lasts 6-8 months) and Inhibitor for year-round protection - apply once a year to keep your surface clear of moss and algae.

How do I use Moss Terminator?

See our How To Use (click me) section for a detailed guide on how to use our products.

How long does Moss Terminator take to work?

Effects can usually be seen within 24 hours depending on the dilution, application and amount of moss, algae or mildew. We recommend you allow 2-4 days for the product to take full effect.

How long will Moss Terminator last?

The effective time varies based on numerous factors including, but not limited to humidity, frequency of wet weather, available light, proximity to trees/bushes and similar plant life and other environmental factors. 

Generally, Moss Terminator Remover lasts for a period of 6-8 months, while Moss Terminator Inhibitor can last up to, and beyond, 12 months per application. 

Will Moss Terminator stain my surfaces?

Moss Terminator contains no bleach or acid and does not cause stains. Any staining following treatment is most likely as a result of the infestation itself. Usually a second application of is all that is required to clear this.

Will Moss Terminator kill grass or plants?

Moss Terminator is designed for use on hard surfaces only, so should not be applied to grass , plants or soil as it will most likely cause damage. Please be careful to control any run off when in close contact to grass or soil containing decorative plants.

How safe is Moss Terminator?

Moss Terminator contains no bleach or acid, it’s entirely water soluble and antibacterial. It is safe to use in areas where children and pets play. We recommend you keep the treated area clear for a few hours to allow the product to take effect undisturbed. 

What are your delivery times?

Orders placed before 11.30am Monday to Friday will be shipped the same day for next working day delivery (UK Mainland). The Channel Islands and Scottish Isles are likely to take 3-5 working days for delivery.